FEBRUARY 5-11, 2016
DAILY AT 2:15-4:15-6:20

Kate Mercer and her husband are excitedly planning a party to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. One week before the celebration, a letter arrives for her husband. The body of his first love has been discovered, frozen in the icy glaciers of the Swiss Alps. As the party nears, there might not be a marriage left to celebrate.

Directed by Andrew Haigh
1 hours, 35 minutes
Rated R

FEBRUARY 5-11, 2016

In 2008, Wall Street guru Michael Burry realizes that a number of subprime home loans are in danger of defaulting. Burry bets against the housing market by throwing more than $1 billion of his investors' money into credit default swaps. His actions attract the attention of banker Jared Vennett (Ryan Gosling), hedge-fund specialist Mark Baum (Steve Carell) and other greedy opportunists. Together, these men make a fortune by taking full advantage of the impending economic collapse in America.

Directed by Adam McKay
2 hours, 10 minutes
Rated R

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